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Joe, Director of Top Financial Institution

Yo has done my taxes (both PRC and U.S. Taxes) for the last 6 years and have always been quick and clear. Please go ahead and contact her directly if you need her assistance. She was part of Deloitte's team on tax advice for expats before she set up her own firm. She is quicker than Big-4's tax teams and gives you personal consulting which is more useful than Big-4's teams. She is based in Beijing but we have always worked through email or phone. I think I met her 6 years ago and then never had to meet again and the service has always been equally good.

An American expatriate living in Beijing since 2007

Yo has been very helpful both for general accounting and tax advice as well as in resolving specific problems. I had an issue regarding improper IIT tax reporting by a Chinese employer and needed to properly plan for tax implications in the US and China on the leveraging of stock options on newly listed US company. In both circumstances she provided professional, detailed and timely feedback. I have since recommended Yo to several other expatriates living here in China.

Executive, Fortune 500 US Company

I have found Global Executive Services efficient and responsive. The complex tax work was completed within days, not weeks or months. I am impressed with the knowledge of Global Executive Services in US tax which is up-to-date. I am looking forward to have the company as my consultant in the future tax and other relevant services.

Dr. Shen

"Yo Zhang is very professional and knowledgeable in helping her clients understand the tax complications not just in China but also in the U.S. and Canada. She is a great person to work with!"


I always think your service is very professional, efficient and pleasant.

CEO, Fortune 500 US Company

I've started to use Global Executive Services 2 years ago and have found their services very professional and detail. In fact, Global Executive Services had helped me prevented a couple of major tax losses where my current Company's global tax provider had missed."

Cathay, Managing Director

We are very fortunate to have your help with our tax preparation and you make things so easy for us. We also appreciate your knowledgabletax planning advice.

Mr. Wang, GM

Very professional and detailed. Excellent work that helped me saving many thousands of dollars in wrongly paid taxes. Highly recommended to any one coming back from a foreign country.
Jeann, High Technology Industry
I have been using Yo to prepare my U.S. and China taxes in the past 3 years. She is professional and always make sound recommendations to address my quesitons and needs. In addition, she is very efficient and offers good value for money compared to many "branded"/multi-national tax consultants. She is my first choice whenever I'm asked to recommend a professional and affordable tax specialist.

Dr. Jason, Pharma R&D

It is my great pleasure to recommend Ms Yo Zhang for your tax services. I got to know Yo through a good friend of mine and at the time I was desperately in need of help with tax advice as the April 15 deadline was looming and my US CPA was not familiar with the Chinese tax law and the US-China tax treaty. It was Yo who saved me from this mess. She kindly accepted my case and provided me with a work kit to collect all the tax related information. Once that was done she finished my tax work in a day and went through all my doubts and concerns with me before filing the federal and state taxes. She was patient, detail-oriented, methodical yet very warm and personable. She provided one of the best professional services that I have experienced in the past decade. I would strongly recommend her service to anyone who is in need of tax advice.

Carol Risley,Risley & Associates San Francisco, CA

I and my client, Professional Aptitude Council (Beijing), were having a great deal of trouble understanding and meeting various China rules and regulations until we were introduced to GES and Yo Zhang. Yo explains the China procedures in such a way that any Western can easily understand them. Yo makes sure that we comply with all rules and regulations. And, beyond that, Yo has been very helpful in many other ways: she found us appropriate office space when all of my inquiries failed and she recommended a CPA firm in Hong Kong when our current Firm was no longer meeting our needs.
I recommend Ms. Yo Zhang without hesitation. She is smart and very professional and she makes me look good with my client.

Samuel, President of Greater China, Fortune 500

I have known Yo for several years, and itís my pleasure to recommend her service to anyone who may be interested in a professional tax consultant. She is a professional.

Lin Chao, President of Greater China Region, ECI Telecom

I have been an expat for almost 20 years and dealt with all big 4 accounting firms for my 'tax > equalization'; believe me the experience was not satisfied at all given you have provided with them all the information; i.e calendar, 1099, W-2, and misc. income statement, etc.. They simply took these information and translate in to their format; the time we have spent is more than 2 - 3 full days and most of the time when you get the return back, always some mistakes there. However, with Yo's service (I have been using her service since 2006; not only for US and from time to time Chinese tax filing/preparation and as on going consultant for my contract negotiation with employers. She always provided me with the best option to maximize take home pay while maintaining legitimacy); it is so transparent, you simply pass onto her all the materials you have, she takes care the rest; and usually within a couple of days.
Last but not least, her profound knowledge on both US and Chinese tax regulations are so helpful for answering all my ad-hoc taxes related questions.


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