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The US Tax System is undoubtedly one of the most complicated tax systems in the world.  It can pose a trap for the unwary and reward those who plan ahead.  For this reason,   our US tax professionals are dedicated to providing you with high quality, personal services aimed at minimizing your US tax exposure.


The US tax rules, however, provide certain tax breaks for qualified individuals.  We can help you:
  • Evaluate when and how to take advantage of these US tax breaks.
  • Prepare the necessary US and state tax returns to comply with the tax laws.      
  • Determine your state income tax obligations and recommend the strategy to be treated as a non-resident for state tax purposes.
  • Adopt year-end tax planning strategies to minimize your US tax liabilities.
  • Evaluate the benefits of tax-enhanced investments.
  • Evaluate your company¡¯s tax equalization/protection policy.
  • Structure your compensation package to minimize your overall taxes.
  • Plan for your retirement on a tax-effective basis by examining your current pension plans and evaluating other retirement schemes.
  •  Adopt strategies to minimize your US estate and gift tax liabilities.

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